How to choose a vacuum cleaner 


Choosing a vacuum cleaner

Nowadays there are many varieties of vacuum cleaners in the market with different brands, sizes, styles, power and efficiency.

Many new vacuum cleaners come with styles so modern that it easily makes us think they have a very advanced absorption technology, but they do not meet our expectations. It is for this reason that most cleaning companies use one of the vacuum cleaners which, despite not getting too much publicity in the media, has a performance that cannot be compared with any vacuum cleaner.

I’m talking about the Henry Hoover or vacuum cleaner that with it’s humble design has features that stand out as for example: its small size, high absorption power, it’s ease of use and in extreme cases it’s ability to work without a bag. The Henry is a vacuum cleaner for which it is very easy to get spare parts and places where it can be repaired.

The Henry is the preferred vacuum cleaner for Cleaning companies and is used fairly for Office Cleaning and difficult and dusty environments such as building sites. It is for this reason that even builders find in the Henry a long-lasting vacuum cleaner, capable of functioning even in the most hostile environments.

The Henry is also a perfect vacuum cleaner for home use. So when you have to decide which vacuum cleaner to buy, do not think twice. The Numatic Henry is a vacuum cleaner that offers you high performance and many years of operation.


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