clean upholstered chairs

Easy steps to clean upholstered chairs


Here are the simple step-by-step instructions to clean your upholstered furniture such as your dining chairs easily:

Remove the loose cushion, vacuum the chair, replace new cushion cover, prepare and test the washing detergent, apply the foam and scrape the dirt, rinse and dry.

Keeping the fabric of your upholstered furniture clean will not just provide neatness and cleanliness but will also extend the life span of the upholstered material. Diligently take note and follow the easy steps below to effectively clean your upholstered dining chairs:


Remove the loose cushion

Carefully remove all the loose cushions of the upholstery. This will help you evaluate if your dining chair needs a new padding cushion or not. Removing the cushion will also prevent it from having а moldy smell which is usually the effect when а cushion is damp. Remove any cushion padding and place it under the heat of the sun.


Vacuum the chair

Brush the corners and edges of your dining chair with а brush or feather duster to get rid of dust and other small dirt particles. Use а vacuum cleaner to get rid of all the loosened dirt that is left. Vacuum diligently the different parts of your dining chairs, including the surfaces and the sides. Also vacuum the loosened cushion padding to get as well get rid of any remaining dirt.


Replace new cushion coverings

After vacuuming the cushion padding, replace the cushion cover. Make sure the new coatings are also clean and fresh. Shake the foam from the cushion to give it volume and shape. Set aside the newly changed cushion. Be sure to have it ready easily after cleaning the rest of the dining room chair.


Prepare and test the soap foam

Prepare the foam by mixing 1/4 cup washing detergent with а cup of warm water. Mix it thoroughly with an electric blender to produce а frothy consistency with the soap lather. Do not directly rub the foam into the dining chair. Instead, with а fabric take а small amount of foam and rub it to а very small portion of the dining chair’s back part. Allow it to draw and observe any shrinkage, discoloration, or any significant visual formation. If any of this reactions appear, have your upholstered furniture cleaned by а professional cleaner. However proceed to the next steps if no significant reaction will occur.


Apply the foam and scrape the dirt

With а fabric, rub the entire dining chair with the froth. Let it dry as dirt will start to come out in the soap suds. Carefully scrape the foam away with а scraper. Repeat the whole rubbing process until no dirt is visible.


Rinse and dry

 Rinse the dining chair with а damp fabric. Carefully get rid of all the remaining foam residue as you let it dry. Have your dining chair in the open air to dry overnight. You may also use а blow dryer or electric fan to dry it quickly.


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