How to clean an iron

Knowing how to remove black stains from the iron in a few simple steps can be very useful to prevent our clothes from staining.

If you want to keep the iron in perfect condition and remove stains with ease you can resort to home remedies made with aspirin, a product that is usually present in the first aid kit of any home.

Aspirin is not only a great help when it comes to relieving headaches or reducing discomfort, but also when we need to remove dirt from an iron in just a few minutes.



Aspirin to keep the iron in perfect condition

When the plates accumulate too much dirt, they not only transfer it to clothing, but also lose efficiency and break down faster .

That is why we must inspect the base periodically and put into practice the use of aspirin to remove dirt from the iron.



What you will need to clean an iron

An aspirin

A stainless steel scouring pad

Paper towel or a cotton cloth



Steps to follow to clean an iron

Plug in the iron.

When the iron is hot place an aspirin on the scoring pad trying not to drop it.

Gently rub the pad over the area of the iron you wish to clean. The hot iron will give off a strong smell, so you should do this in a well ventilated place.

The aspirin will melt quickly, so rub it on the base of the iron and clean the waste produced using a paper towel.

Repeat this procedure several times until the iron is completely clean.

Don't forget to switch off the iron.



To clean an iron that is full of limescale

To remove the limescale from an iron, simply fill the iron tank with white vinegar and let it sit for several hours or overnight. Then you must empty the iron tank and rinse it well with water. In some cases, vinegar can be stored and recycled in the future.


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