How to clean a washing machine 


How to clean a washing machine

The washing machine is one of the most used household appliances in any home, therefore, keeping it in good condition is vital to ensure that it will last for many years, in addition to obtaining a clean and good smelling laundry .

One of the main signs that a washing machine needs a good clean is when we no longer get good results in the washes, such as clothes with a bad smell or giving the feeling of not being clean. If your washing machine stains your clothes, it needs to be properly cleaned.

Cleaning your washing machine will entail cleaning not only the door seal or rubber, but also the drum, the detergent dispenser and even, putting a washing program in hot water with just vinegar to remove limescale.

Take note of the cleaning materials and steps to clean a washing machine.


What products do I need to clean a washing machine?

To carry out the cleaning of your washing machine you will need the following cleaning products:

  • Paper wipes
  • Vinegar
  • Cotton buds
  • Bucket and mop


How to clean a washing machine step by step

Before starting to clean your washing machine, make sure it is completely empty, without clothes or small papers that may have stuck together. You should also check the detergent and fabric softener box and check that it is completely clean.

  • Open the washing machine and use paper wipes or a cloth to clean the rubber or door seal. You will find that the lower part usually has traces of water or even dirt. You can use an alternative cleaning product , but be careful not to damage the door seal.
  • To clean the soap dispenser it will be necessary to remove it from the washing machine. Generally with a gentle pull, you will be able to take it out. You can clean any dirt with a cloth or use a cotton bud or old toothbrush if necessary.
  • To clean the drum and do a deeper cleaning of your washing machine you can use a washing program, without load, using vinegar. The program must be hot water (minimum, 70 or 80 degrees). Pour about 2 litres of vinegar through the soap dispenser directly into the drum. Start the washing machine and let it finish.
  • To make sure that your washing machine is clean and working properly, it is recommended that you repeat these steps periodically, especially if you live in a hard water area where there is greater presence of limescale. When this happens, your washing machine needs more maintenance. Do not forget to also clean the filter of the washing machine to complete the cleaning of your appliance .