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The communal areas of residential buildings, apartment blocks, offices or any other public areas can be a daunting task except for our cleaners. At times they can be difficult to keep clean. These high-flow areas easily collect dust and dirt and can make your premises look neglected. But don't worry about it as our cleaners can do it for you.


Cleaning public and communal areas is absolutely essential for your business to run smoothly. Stalwart Cleaning can help you deal with this dreary task which our cleaners find stimulating due to our years of cleaning experience. We follow strict cleaning procedures and we ensure that all necessary areas are included when it comes to communal area cleaning.


The costs of maintaining and cleaning common areas are an extra expense that not everyone wants to make. For this reason since cleaning is a necessity wherever there are several offices or residences sharing common areas, our cleaners want to make your life easier.


We offer to provide you with cleaners that give you optimal results at the best price.




Cleaning of common areas


A good cleaning company should be in charge of cleaning common areas regularly and we are not referring only to the entrance and the stairs.


Cleaning of common areas may also include the following:


  • Communal parking area
  • Inner courtyards
  • Stairs and railings
  • Lift or elevator
  • Entrance
  • Porches, access areas, corridors, hallways and landings
  • Common areas in basements and storage rooms
  • Facade and some terraces



In certain cases, the contract cleaners can also manage the junk mail, change light bulbs and report necessary repairs and damage to your property.


Through a series of specific tasks our cleaners maintain the hygiene and good image of your property keeping it in good condition.




Generic cleaning tasks in common areas


The most frequent and typical tasks that our cleaners usually perform in the cleaning of common areas are the following:


  • Sweep and scrub the entrance both internally and externally in the area located on the street itself.
  • Sweep, vacuum or scrub the stairs, access areas, landings, hallways, porches of the block.
  • Clean the railings of the stairs since they usually accumulate a lot of dust.
  • Clean the elevators (floor, walls, glass and mirrors and dust the spotlights with a duster)
  • Window cleaning and mirror cleaning at the entrance, especially those located at the entrance of the building, as well as any decorative elements such as plants and others.
  • Our cleaners can clean the interior patios and toilets that may be in the common areas. In certain cases it is necessary to clean the facade of a house since a lot of dust accumulates due to the contamination of the cars, in this case it is necessary to clean it with a hose.


It is always advisable to let our cleaners perform a periodic deep cleaning every 6 months so that excessive dirt does not accumulate inside and outside the building, including certain outdoor areas.