Our cleaners are present in different areas of London


At Stalwart Cleaning we cover different areas specially around Central London and zones 2 and 3. Stalwart is a promising Cleaning company operating in London.



Our cleaners operate and have a strong presence in these areas of London:


We have Cleaners operating in Central London and have a strong presence in the City of London, Mayfair and West London.


Cleaners in Mayfair




Reasons why you should hire our cleaning company


  • Good value for money
  • Short contracts if needed
  • Family run
  • Efficient cleaners
  • Insured


Being a family-run company it is difficult to compete with giant cleaning companies that you will find in the first pages of search engines but there is something where we can overcome them and that is the quality of our work.


Large cleaning companies are not always as efficient as smaller ones where the owners and cleaners focus to solve every small detail promptly. By using a company like ours, your problems will be solved faster and more efficiently.




Advantages of small businesses over large companies


A small cleaning company has the advantage of changing their plan or strategy much faster than bigger competitors. Bear in mind that changes in large companies are not an agile and fast process, as in small businesses like ours. These are often hampered by their size, which makes changes difficult and slow. On the other hand, small businesses can be more innovative and try new things, since they are not slowed down by past experiences and achievements. A large company must involve many people and processes in decision making, which slows down any procedure.


A feeling of family


The feeling of being part of a family is also an advantage of small businesses over larger ones. Employees are treated as members of a family, and in many cases they are truly a member of the family and part of a family business. This feeling often creates a lot of energy during projects and difficult times. Our slogan "We are family" makes our cleaners more energetic and motivated. The family spirit of our company helps our cleaners to be more competent.


Customer proximity


Being close to the customer is important for business success, and as a small business we can be closer to the customer. With some clients we can develop close relationships which doesn't happen when dealing with a large company. Large companies have many levels and departments, and often have procedures that avoid close contact with the customer. Customer complaints can be handled faster and on a more personal level in a small business, so the long-term relationship with them is easier and more profitable.


Simple structure


A small business like us is, by nature, very simple. There are fewer cleaners than in a larger organization and also a lower number of levels for management. With less staff, a small business has less need to fire its workers in difficult times and can maintain its operation more efficiently.


By having fewer levels of administration, decision times are much faster, allowing you greater flexibility and adaptability, which a large company does not have. A simple structure means that each employee can be much closer to the company and the client, which allows him to understand how the company works and achieve greater customer satisfaction.